I oversaw the entire user experience for Aspirion's Compass internal application. Compass is a third party billing software with record-keeping capabilities.


Upon research and multiple shadow sessions with the user, it was evident that the current note's feature took the user over eight minets to complete the task. How might we redesign the note feature to cut time in writing and ease the reading of the notes on the account?


Focused on employing typographic principles promoting speed reading, redesigning the note feature as static, and introducing templates.

  1. Research & Discovery I interviewed and shadowed seasond users as well as new users. Lead multiple meetings with stake holders to understand the business concern.

  2. Reading The user will be able to find and consume note's information faster

  3. Writing Leave a note with fewer clicks.

  4. Prototypes Sketched out flows, used Adobe XD to a prototypes.

My Role

As the only UX designer on the project. I created, ran, and analyzed research surveys and shadowed sessions with the users. Narrowed the problem and worked with the product owner and manager ideating the template functionality. I designed and prototyped the final solution.

Timeline: 16 Weeks

Research & Discovery

The original design of the note was a pop-up module that the user would evoke at the beginning of them working the account and continuously move about interacting with the information. While conducting interviews, I noticed that the module sometimes covered needed information. The user was also using Microsoft sticky notes to copy and paste their own templates, creating a note in the module.

Here is what some interviewers had to say:

"I like that I can move the note to look at different fields, but sometimes I lose where it is."
Cinthia Mackey
"It took me forever to find how to prop it open and it was not easy to remember"
Larry MacNarmin
"Sometimes when you move the note box too much or too fast or too something it just disapears, and you have to start all over again"
Felicia Sanders