Custom Exhibit Backdrops

Exhibit Backdrops is a division of Georgia Expo specializing in large format printed graphics for tradeshows and events, especially dey sublimated printing on fabric. We have noticed that over 78% of users coming to our page spend less than 6 seconds per session. I investigated by interviewing and surveying existing customers and installing Hotjar. With the support of our UX manager, we concluded that the users have a hard time navigating through the homepage.


How might we redesign ceb's homepage to help the user understand our product line and quickly find the printed fabric solution they need.


To be the go-to source that tradeshow goers of every experience level, budget and show rely on to complete their printed fabric display


Redesign the menu to represent the printed fabrics product better. Highlight the free design services CEB performed, and our tradeshow themed blog.

  1. Define the user Survey and interview new and existing customers, test usability, identigy user personas, flows, explore stress cases. Create a solid value proposition

  2. Understanding competition Analyze competitors, prioritize features like providing design templates easy to use by non-designers.

  3. Simplify navigation Use UX sort to perform open and close cardsorting. Test with users.

  4. Design System Simplify the logo, color scheme, and typography. Use plain language, short sentences, and paragraphs simple words, bullet points, and straight forward direction.

  5. Sketches, wireframes and prototypes Scketch out possible solutions, convert interactions into clicable prototypes, create web graphics, test

My Role

Working for a small company often means limited resources as well as wearing multiple hats. However, for this project, I had a budget that helped me realize eight very insightful interviews, numerous surveys, and performed user testings. From that data, I completed a user persona, journey maps, and competitor analysis. I also sketched and prototyped the solution using AdobeXD. Created the web graphics and worked with a developer to implement them.

Timeline: 3 Weeks

Define the user


We collected quantitative and qualitative data, with survey potential users and interview established customers.


Say the website was difficult to navigate

4 Tradeshows

Our users go on average per year

3.2 / 5


3.8 / 5

Website usability satisfaction.

User Interviews

I scheduled user interviews and collected contextual enquiries at the ARA show in February 2019. I gathered information and took suggestions.

"The quality was inconsistent. My first order, the color and contrast looks great, my 2nd on, it looks like a cheap version of the 1st one. As if I was printing on fast mode to save up some inks. It was disappointing."

"Thank you for the quick service. More communication was needed with your design resources."

"Personaly, I am stuck on the names, why so long, I get it’s custom, I know I can print whatever. I get it I dont need a reminder every other word.”

Key Insights

  • The website is hard to navigate
  • Product discriptions are too long and complex.
  • Users can't find product they need
  • Users didn't know design services are offered


To furder understand our user's patterns, we installed HotJar and monitor it for a month. Here is what we found.

Desktop Click Patterns

  1. 28% of users click on products text first

  2. 14% click on the hero image (unaware it is not a link)

  3. 14% click on menu

  4. 75% scrow pass produts

Mobile Click Patterns

  1. 26% click on the hero image (unaware it is not a link)

  2. 9% of users click on products text first

  3. 6% click on menu

  4. 20% scrow pass produts

Original Layout

old site
mobile view old site

User Persona

Through our research, we found that our target audience is small business owners looking to grow there customer base on the trade show floor.

user persona


Franka has been making and selling handmade soaps and lotions with her daughters for a while. She decided its an excellent opportunity to attend a paddler show and try to expose her product to more people. She found the perfect tradeshow and signed up. She searched the web to find the ideal trade show display to market her goods, set her apart from the crowd, and bring more people to her booth, all while caring and assembling requires minimal effort.

  • Franka Batenberg | 50y
  • Owns a hand made soap and lotion company.
  • Business has been booming recently
  • $70,000 per year
  • Merried with children
  • Goals
  • Have an excellent tradeshow display
  • Many people stoping by her booth
  • Be in/out of the show floor quickly
  • Motivations
  • Wants to grow her small business
  • Sell more product
  • Pain Points
  • People just passing her booth
  • Heavy lifting
  • Comple set up/ tear down displays
  • Shipping coast

Value Proposition

A better way to display.

Heuristic Competitor Analysis

To observe the market trends, I did a heuristic analysis of four competitors. Blue Wave Printing was pointed out by the sales team as our biggest competitor.

  • Positives Discoveries
  • All products menu item - a summary of all they offer.
  • Slider with clickable links.
  • Gallery display examples on the home page.
  • Clear divide between outdoor and indoor print products.
  • Negative Discoveries
  • Redundant information - the same product with different descriptions.
  • typography inconsistencies

Feature preotization

Collected suggested features by test subjects and stakeholders. Brokedown the data into themes, how easy it is to implement, how desirable, and how successful for the business each element will be. Then I laid out the effort to impact scale.

Feature priotization

Design System


We decided to simplify the logo for quicker recognition and got rid of the tag line as well to be able to enlarge it slightly.

old logo2
new logo


The colors choise was based on the parent company. Yellow is the same. Blue is softer and lighter. Orance and Purple ware chose as vibrant accent colors.



Bebas is a display family suitable for headlines, captions, and packaging.

bebas type face

Source Sans Pro was intended to be used in interfaces.


Wireframes and prototypes

WIRE home

Mock Ups

Adding color and images to the wireframes


Mobile View

mobil png
mobil gif


After implamentation we notice, decline in bounce rates, increase in return visitorus and increase in sales.

  • 2% Increase in sales
  • 14% Increase in return visitors
  • 34% Decline in bounce rates


UX Design Lead
Drew Conners

Matt Savitt